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Motor accidents are a part of everyday life and 99% of the time your vehicle will need some form of body repairs. We have carefully selected a number of companies listed on our website to give you peace of mind that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Panel Beater Companies

Panel beating can refer to a number of methods involving the restoration of the shape of the body and/or chassis of a car, van, 4x4, truck or bus after it has been involved in an accident. The process can involve anything from a very small amount of work to to wing or a bonnet or in certain case major  crash repair. The name “Panel Beating” originally meant beating the panels back to their original shape; however it can now refer to a range of processes from filling gaps with fibre glass to replacing whole sections of body work. The majority of Irish crash repair centres deal directly with most of the Insurance companies and will save you the hassle of being past back and forward trying to find the right person to speak with. Simply select a county example - crash repairs Dublin and the best panel beaters and car repair centres in your area will be listed.

Alloy Wheel Repair

Most people believe that when you damage your alloy wheels it is next to impossible to have them repaired. However it is quite the opposite, Alloys can be repaired to nearly new and taking the repair rather than replacement option is usually most cost effective. There are many professional alloy wheel repair companies scattered throughout Ireland and you can find the best of them on Crashrepairs.ie.

Dent Removal Ireland

There are many “Dent Removal Tricks” to be found using everything from hairdryers , solvents and even sink plungers however the greatest majority of those tricks are myths and will only end up causing more damage and costing more to have repaired properly. We have a huge amount of professional and competitive dent removal companies listed that are fully qualified in methods such as paint less dent removal. Most of the companies listed are mobile so they can come and repair your dent(s) at home or at your workplace.

Airport Taxi

Garvey Crash Repairs

Limousine Hire

Limousine Hire

Ashmore Ryder Ltd.

Ashmore Ryder Ltd.

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